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The TP-link router is native and foreign both the working is good and this is the oldest company in the router field and cost is hard to compare to other router company. 


TP Router: 




The Wireless perform is best TP-link router some routers of TP-Link is based on the N technology because this technology is very for the router solution. And maximum Speed of this router is 150mbs. And this is a more affordable price in the market. And 9X the speed and 4X is having the range and enabled in this is the very high bandwidth-consuming application. You can have fun used to this router just like as video is not streaming and you can play the online game without any streaming. And other this of this You can easily enjoy the N power and G price.  



Cisco Router: 




This router is very expensive for the users this router is very small but mighty business class router and very delightful router. If so you have limited space in your room and another place just like as office and café so you must buy this router this router used for the video and voice and the security application performance this is totally single device and has not any antenna and other. This router is well suited for the customers. And prices are not the hair to other this totally small and midsize business used.


Cisco 880 ISR: This router has best LAN features up to 4 fast Ethernet LAN for the local computer. This is used for the small process business and PROVIDE THE ALWAYS the best service. The performance class is very best and connection option is best. This has three antennas for the good speed if you want to know more about this then you can join us on https://babasupport.org/

If we are talking about the TP link router and Cisco router both are best in own fields. Both are the big company in making the router. And both have used the latest technology in the router. But the one issues in the router this is range issue then I consult you something about the range. I think the range power of in from both routers the Cisco range power as well. of 

Both the routers are good, we share information for both the routers and for further information  visit our site:  https://babasupport.org/


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